Get inspired by nature

People weren’t designed to live in boxes. The natural world has gifted us the greatest canvas and mood board. We intend to use it to create a sense of calm and ignite the imagination. 

Find strength in community

We’re a collective of mountain people, not an agency of office dwellers. Our strength lies in our ability to work with an eclectic network of pioneers living in actual houses and with a passion for the outdoors. 

Be humble and resourceful

We build projects according to their needs, not our own demands. 

Cherish experiences and connections above all else

We’re curators  of experiences and conjurers of emotional connections,  not creators of things. We believe the right mix of atmosphere and people creates lasting connections and memorable moments – a commodity just as important as the products themselves. 

We are home makers

We believe in the simple pleasures and the comforts of home, delivering a warm welcome wherever we go

Take pride in the small things

We believe the tiny details add up to great things. 

Be self sufficient

It’s not easy living in the mountains, but it’s good training for life and work. We don’t procrastinate, we’re a  group of self sufficient doers.

Use only what you need

Sustainability isn’t an afterthought , it’s just a logical way to live and work every day. We strive to use only what we need, waste as little as possible, and use tools that are fit forth job. For us it’s just more sensible to wash a spoon rather than buy a plastic one, get it shipped to us, unwrap it, use it once, then have to figure out how to dispose of it.  

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