We’re a family business run by husband and wife team Tom and Anna, with the support of our dog Biscuit, who after years in the city decided to make the Catskills our full time home. Since then we’ve followed our passions in bringing magical experiences in nature to life, restoring and redesigning both old and new buildings, and creating content that showcases our magical area and places products and brands in this spectacular environment. We left the city to escape the hustle and bustle of busy life, and ironically found ourselves working harder than we ever did. But we’re proud of what we do, and in doing it follow a set of principles that we believe in (see bottom of page for details)

Now we offer the following services:

  • Bespoke experiences in nature - private events, weddings, team retreats from 15 to over 100 people

  • Short stays for smaller groups - with the option to add on unique local experiences

  • Home design and renovation services - for private individuals and local businesses

  • Creative production services for brands and companies

  • A store selling a carefully curated selection of well made products designed for a beautiful life in the Catskills



An Ode to the Land of Little Rivers


Videography | Peter Crosby, Bullrush Films

Poem | Homestedt in collaboration with Gavin Maxwell

Voiceover | Ira Wolf Tuton

Location | Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club



Nature is our greatest asset. We endeavour to protect it.

Avoid excess waste wherever possible

- We recycle any waste we can.

- No single use plastics on the property.

- Source in paper / glass / metal wherever possible

Avoid products with toxic ingredients

- Natural, biodegradable hand soaps and cleaning supplies

- Natural, home made spa products

- No deet on the property. We use natural mosquito repellants.

Low footprint events and infrastructure

- If we need it and can find it used at the same quality as new, then we’ll take it.

- We use natural materials wherever we can.

- We print on 100% recycled cardstock.

- Recycled / FSC certified paper.

Sustainably harvested pescatarian food served on our properties

- We source our fish from The Beaverkill Trout Hatchery

- Other ingredients sourced from local farms who adhere to organic or environmentally sound practices

- We never forage more than can be replenished by nature

Our strength is our community. We support them wherever we can.

- We source from local farms and suppliers - They say for every piece of dirt in The Catskills, there are two rocks… Farming up here ain’t easy, so we support wherever we can.
- We recruit local staff wherever we can - Only by creating local jobs will we create local prosperity.

- We work with local freelancers and entrepreneurs (photographers, guides, foragers)

- Making a living in the mountains is tough, if we work together it’ll be better for all of us.