Living Off The Land | LMFFC Smaller Bedroom 1 (2ppl) | July 19-21

Living Off The Land | LMFFC Smaller Bedroom 1 (2ppl) | July 19-21


+ tax / 2 day weekend experience (2ppl)

Designed to feel like the country residence of an explorer for a bygone era the cottage is just steps away from the clubhouse and filled with character. This bedroom has a full bed, and a built in closet, chair, and a pair of snowshoes on the wall to remind you of the adventures still to be had.  This cosy, eclectic cottage is also home to some of our proudest second hand treasures and extensive map collection.

Room Specifics:
- Full bed
- Shared bathroom with shower and tub

The Price Includes:
-2 nights accommodation
-All activities, tours and equipment
-Breakfast spread Saturday and Sunday
- Saturday lunch in the garden
- Fireroasted Trout Saturday Dinner served on the river
-Beer from the Catskill Brewery (served from our own taps)
-Wine served wherever you please
-Groundskeeping (fires, s'mores, sauna etc.)

Amenities while staying with us:
-Bedding, towels and robes from Lexington Company
-Raincoats from Stutterheim
-Boots from Muck Boot Company
-Backpack and toiletry bag from Sandqvist
-Homemade Sauna/ Spa products

Looking forward to see you on the river!

We're here to help, please contact us with any questions. Due to the nature of programming and planning for Weekend Experiences, all sales are final. However in the case of unforeseen events we'll do our best to make alternative arrangements.

LMFFC gladly welcomes dogs that are potty trained and friendly with humans and other dogs. Please let us know they are coming.

Our weekend experiences are 21+ only.

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